The Blogger Effect

So i've noticed as of late everyone seems to have a blog. If they don't have one they have been thinking about getting one. And it doesn't matter if you don't understand the difference between 'your and you're' or if given the opportunity to acquaint yourself with pen and paper you would usually shun it to the wayside.

I'm not completely sure, but it is turning into some kind of epidemic. I've seen someone claim to be an editor of an online mag (they are also a stylist, in PR, DJ, moonlight as a midwife etc.). When I went onto the magazine website the amount of typos and grammar faux pas nearly gave me a hernia, pray tell SQUIRE, what IMAGINARY part are you editing?

I think maybe a part of the problem is to do with this hoedashian era we are currently living in. Nowadays a TV channel will turn anything into a reality TV show. All you have to have is 'moolah for days' and the very serious 'Attention Whore' disorder and suddenly you will be 'blessed' with an hour slot on 'E Entertainment' clogging up the airways with the most trivial shit. Most of it is actually made up anyway to make their lives seem more interesting than it actually is (oh le irony).

However it seems to be paving the way for the idea that everyone has the right to be seen, heard and basically be famous. But, what do you do when VH1 is not knocking down your door with cameras? You take your 2 years old bootleg Panasonic camera with 13.10 pixels and you get fancy with the video function. You make a YouTube video. But maybe you don't like the sound of your own voice or you're unsightly, so you make a blog instead. You decide that whatever it is you've got to say has never been said/done before and if it has, you'll be able to do it better.

Except the recent saturation means no one is actually saying anything that differs much from what anyone else is saying. And when there is a lot of something it begins to de-value. It's the equivalent of when the first big brother was released, and the contestants were raw and naive. Compared to the last series where the housemates had ulterior motives and OK magazine features in their eyes. Maybe i'm putting too much of my psychology degree into it, it's probably just the new 'in vogue' thing to do and by the end of the year there will just be plenty of vacant blogs with really cool url names that will never EVAR be able to be used again, THINK OF THE CHILDREN.

Like I said, the main thing about this new explosion of blogs is that no one is talking about anything new and no one really even appears to have a way with words but more and more i've got people advertising to me about their blog that consists of pure dryness with a side of self-centeredness.

Everyday advertising. You are not a product.

Top new blog formats

Badly done styleslut replicas
They blog about fashion and bands you've never heard about. If they're a woman they'll talk about their period a lot, if they're a guy they'll talk about things like pre-mature ejaculation and grime. They will both use the word cunt a lot.

Man dem blog
Their first blog post is likely to begin: "i'm new 2 dis bloggin ting yeh..." and they'll shout out their post code and brethren who are in jail and don't have access to the internet. What is even more interesting is that go back as early as December 31/12/10, 23:59 they probably didn't even know what a blog was.

Girls who love fashion
There are two subsections in this category. There are the ones who REALLY do and then there are the ones who SAY they do but, love, you really do NOT. #wedontbelieveyou #youneedmorepeople

  • They will both post pictures of their daily outfits

  • One of these subsections will appear to be heavily dedicated to Nicki Minaj and Amber Rose or they'll talk about New Look and H&M as if they are Godsends and the other will favour designers you've never heard of

  • Both will take pictures of themselves looking nonchalant, most of the time looking away from the camera. A pose which they held for at least 5 seconds (thank you self timer) but it will all look terribly candid and never ugly, some will actually have other people who take their picture for them: A friend, boyfriend etc. ("Oh Jade you seem to know so much about this particular bullet point")

Ultimately who am I to begin to tell anyone whether they should or shouldn't start a blog so i'm not, also at the end of the day it is just one online contraption. Just because you don't know how to spell dictionary doesn't mean you shouldn't attempt to, and then broadcast it to all the eyeballs you desire. Before I sign off i'll leave you with a list of really cool blogs that buck the trend of not being really cool: ... ;)

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  1. Oh my god... nail. head. You did it. Amazing. Great post.

  2. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL Jade your so funny. Michelle x

  3. lol thanks for reading michelle x


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