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This song is off of Stromae's album 'Cheese'. I got the album a few months ago and as with all new albums you go through stages of giving certain songs more loving and attention. Right now for me it is 'Rail de Musique'. (Stromae is a belgian rapper who raps in french) I think this song is doing it for me because of the way he says 'MON CRACK' singing along to this helps me perfect my french rapper voice. I don't have an alter ego but if I did it would probably be a french rapper, maybe called 'ooh la la'. "WORZ IN MAH CLORB" (...i'm pretty sure thats what he's saying) Stromae - Rail de Musique

Also! I'd definitely recommend you buying the album if you're into a bit of dance you'll really love it. Check out 'Alors on danse' and 'Te Quiero' on youtube and the album is on

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