Nasty Gal Vintage actually breaks my heart

I've been perving over this company since I accidently found them on ebay, I was trying to set my own account up, till this DAY I still haven't worked out that Einstein contraption (tHe InTeRwEbZ iZ hArd GuIsE). I still regularly get my rocks off to this site but I never buy because the shipping prices break my heart. One of these days I will purchases but for now I will perv.

One of the major things I hope to do the next time I go to hamburger a-gogo land (See; Georgia Nicolson) is to try and work in a 'nasty gal' purchase somewhere. My OTHER plan involves an army base just outside of London and my Aunts American debit card, but it's not as 007 or as cool as it sounds ... i'll leave you to ponder. They've got some new stuff in now, i've got to admit it doesn't really grab my loins like it has in the past, but this is what I would stock up on if I could:

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