he who does not feel me is not real to me, therefore he does not exist

So poof Vamoose son of a bitch.

I have writers block. You know what I think it is? I have a list of things that I wrote down, that I want to write about and I think because I have a list i'm just balking at the idea of writing all these things, or i'm second guessing myself about whether they are even worth writing about anymore. Either way it sucks.

I think my laptop is currently under attack from Norton 'Anti Virus'. Trust me, they want me to renew my Norton, it ran out a few weeks ago. Erm. So now i'm sure they're coming for me like the Mafia. In the same way that people who produce 'Strepsils', and 'Vicks', and 'Beechams' (e.t.c.), don't ever want there to be a cure for the common cold, i'm pretty sure Norton NEVER wants the onslaught of virus's to cease. And I think they create them, I'M JUST SAYING. WHY WOULDN'T THEY? If I was Norton Anti-Virus I would create a kagillion virus's a day then once they infect people say "oh i'll get rid of them for you", with sympathetic eye. Norton's got to eat too. There should be a virus that gets rid of all the current virus's and also only attacks computers with Norton-Anti Virus. That would show 'The Man' what's what.

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