Like most, i'm hating on the people who are currently at Coachella, the line up and the weather looks amazing. I had always kind of ignored Coachella up until last year during the summer when I did work experience with ASOS magazine and one of my first jobs was to find hotels for the editorial team to stay at while they went to Coachella (insert sarcastic comment here about how much writing you actually do on an internship with a magazine).

Asos were actually really nice to work with AND they gave me a leaving gift, most places don't give you jackshit. I'll leave the gripes and stories for my 'woes of an intern' blog which i'll no doubt post sooner or later.

ANYWAY COACHELLA. So while looking for the hotels I realised ..."fuck yeah coachella'' just like that. The heat, the setting and the music it's like a more beautiful Glastonbury, (while we're on the subject of Glastonbury, BEYONCE WHY?) and I realised I would have to go atleast once in my life. When they announced the lineup earlier this year I seriously felt like putting on some spandex and perspex sumtings and working 'hard for mah moneh' to pay for the flight and hotel over there. Didn't work out.

So here I am googling Coachella street style, torturing myself a liddle bit. Here are my favs:

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