Oh margie, you came and you gave me a turkey. On my va-ca-tion away from workie

Title has nothing to do with this post, that lyric was just in my head and if you know where it's from and the episode, you are truely loved. By moi. Sorry for lack of postage yesterday, I know my captive audience were truely devastated *tumbleweed*. Anyway I was busy being busy yesterday and had no in'er'net access that's why I didn't post anything. But she'sssssssssssss baaaaaaark. Now. and still with nothing particularly relevant to say. I like the sound of my own typing too much. I'm going to make sure le next post will have something readible in it with stuff that you can apply to your own life. Rather than family pictures and rambling emo posts that should really get deleted. Welp here are two picturs of me at work on Tuesday

(I'm wearing a black maxi skirt)

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