Picture vomit

I'm always taking pictures on my phone and they never go anywhere, well here is a whole bunch from late last year up till now. Uploaded especially for your viewing pleasure. Right now according to my stats I get the majority of views from my Camel Toe post, at anytime someone is ALWAYS looking at it. So basically I have a load of pervs on my site. It's not exactly the clientele I was going for but I'm basically getting a couple hundred views a week because of a guy with a vagina penis, who am I to complain? Sorry I always go off topic. Basically the point is the only people who may even chance upon this post are looking for pictures of shapely genitals and I always aim to disappoint. So here ya go!

10 year warranty on breast implants *sign of the times*

Sotch a face - took this pic from a magazine

Sleeping beauty awakes ("it'sa .... nor me")

Toilets in pub


When my family got the delivery of all their furniture from Brunei

This said merry christmas but now we change the writing so we don't get bad luck (its still up)


on the way to eastbourne, COWS

lilys sisters face intrigued me

"Relationship Wizardry" lol wizardry

drawn by leidiot



Hair shoot

what a FLATTERING PICTURE, *side eye evening standard* That's Alexandra Burke and not a drag queen

Definitely an "oh you fancy huh" moment, even the nonchalant curved pinky. Really jade?

Much better.

London trains

In one crap quontum dress that was on the sale rack in a shop in Carnaby.

Valentines day

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