This morning

Before I got out of bed I found myself trying to remember the exact lyrics for khias song 'my neck, my back' I spent a good few minutes starting the song from the beginning thinking it would help my brain to subconsciously dredge up the lyrics ("Awl my ladies pap yo pooseh like this") but it didn't work. So somewhere God is being Godly making sure that Khia lyrics kindly vamoose back to where they came from after their sell by date.

I got up, then went and did some top secret shit with my friend, (not really, but i'm still not telling you what we did) then I came home and went shopping avec ma mere. I've got to say le high st shopping game right now is DIRE. Topshop is working the bold colours trend and when you initially step in le visual merchandising kind of makes you go:

Then you take a closer look and you just realise "pshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" O_O The same goes with every other store, the clothes are so dry. We went into primark and I did obligatory buying because I have no self-restraint and I just see £5(!!) and go:
And end up spending waaaaaaayyy waaaaaaay over what could be considered a bargain. ...Everyone needs a bag though. And daisy duke shorts ...and other stuff though so i'll view this as an investment (that gets ripped to shreds in the first wash). Here are some pics of the stuff I bought for your enjoyment and general life fulfillment:

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