I was in Paris the weekend before last

My butthead took me for my birthday and it was a lorrrt of fun. Paris has always been the only other city I would consider living in forever (besides London) and this trip reaffirmed that for me again! Here are a few of the pictures, not all because uploading pictures on blogspot is such a ball ache. The pictures are also not in a coherent order but strap in for the raahd anyway.

We've both been to Paris before and done loads of touristy things so we strolled around a bit and did a few different things that we hadn't done before. We managed dinner on the Seine, a tour of Paris on the Seine, a Fafi exhibition, an 80's graffiti exhibition, a BMX bike riding competition, we went to see Sacre Couer, ate a lot of food, walked around Monmarche a lot and a few other things. Sighhh, tek meh bark.

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