Crepe City

On sunday I went down to Crepe City to review it for IDOL. I initially walked in tired-der than a mofo and feeling like Daria. It had been my sisters 21st party the day before and I got to bed around 3am. "ooh jade 3am, hardcore" Yeah but the day before THAT I had stayed up till about 4am watching earth wind and fire videos LIKE A DUNCEBREED. So during the day of the party I was all kinds of fucked.

Anyway I was meant to meet another girl there who works for IDOL as she would be taking le pictures but she was late because she had to wait for her friend so I walked in anyway to have a look.

...Whole heap of Chris Browns, Odd Futures, and Kreayshawns with a side of that Rita Ora girl. At first I was just thinking "Dry. Like". That combined with how hungry/tired I was and how packed out IT was, I basically walked around once, barely looking at anything and then walked back out.

But I realised I needed to grow some streetwear bawls and get atleast a little something of a story out of this so I went back, the girl and her friend were there by then and the fact that she was there, meant I had to perk up and stop acting like a zombie anyway.

So I started to speak to the stall owners, one man was getting rid of his things as he was "40 odd and needed to kind of stop all of this now" aw. Others were just coming down to see how much they could make out of their old hexscloosive garms. There was also actual shops there and independent designers using it as a way to drum up some PR and sell shit in le process.

After properly looking around I actually started to enjoy it and the vibes (this was also probably due to eating a banana too). I had been tweeting about my experience and one of my friends Hannah decided to swang by which meant that the tomfoolery behaviour began and in the last hour Miss Kharise also stopped by too after closing up her stall at spitalfields market. Equaling tomfoolery x3.

So a good time was had by all. Aside from putting on a really good trainers festival, Crepe City also serves as a way to dispel the notion that all streetwear people are dicks. Awl hail le uniting creps.

I'll post the official pictures that we took (she took) once I have them.

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