Perusing fashion blogs, doing opened mouth stare and thinking "For why can't I be you?" with your chanel bag and J crew socks and miu miu shoes ect ect. And then I look at the 5 other tabs I have open. They are all currently about Megalodon, well four are, one is a youtube vid called "Carl Sagan - Pale Blue dot (living like on di h'edge). Even though Megalodon sounds like a Digimon character, it is actually an extinct mahoosive shark that i've just found out about and i'm kind of foaming at the mouth about it because I have an obsession with big things coupled with the fact that it's from the sea, it basically ticks all my boxes that need to be ticked. I'm going to do a post about it.


"Y R I NOT YOU?" ..Because you spend evenings in bed, with a disney princess quilt researching sea creatures. THATS why.

P.S. Why can they all fucking bake really well. Fuck your cupcakes and homemade dishes. (pleasebemyfriend)

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