Black History Month

Yep it is October, yes it is black history month. Maybe you didnt even realise, so far all we've had is the MOBO's. Something which, we really should not even get into right now. All I will say is Jason Derulo O__O... and muhsuckin Jessie J. So basically so far this month gets a big fat "WHUTTT??"

I'm hoping to get to a few events before the month is over, check out for some stuff to get into before the month is up.

To be honest as a black person or if you're mixed race, finding out about your own history is something that for the most part you have to do yourself. No one is really going to force feed this stuff to you. You can use this month as a way to put a bigger spotlight on it BUT it'll take more than a month to recover. PLUS it's hextra interesting finding out about your past, you'll be suprised by some of things you learn, realising that some of things that you thought were truths really are not.

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