Chill out grandma

Anyone who has a visible tattoo (regardless of whether it's a huge piece on your neck, to maybe ... the tiniest little tattoo on your wrist) will have been asked at least once "what about when you want to get a job?" "What about when you get married?" ...this was probably asked by a grandparent or another elder. Personally I think a heavily tattooed laydee in an extravagant white dress is one of the sexiest things ever but my Jamaican grandparents would BEG to differ, anyway that is neither hurr nor thurr. So now, not only is there the argument of laser surgery to throw back in their faces with polite gusto, enter: make-up brand Dermablend. In the video below watch them cover up the 'Zombie Boy' who is just all kinds of hot to me. I find it fascinating that his face is a mask, if I met him I would need to stare at him for a while. Just like I like to do when I see sexy homosapiens. The vid is cool, seeing him with the foundation on looking like 'everyone else'.


I think the whole idea of him being some kind of 'freak' is a little dated, the campaign is called 'Beyond the cover' but it's 2011 are we all still really THAT taken aback by ink? He's not the only person in the world tattooed head to toe. Certain tribes have been doing it for decades and over here in le western world it's not really the most groundbreaking thing anymore is it? I think we can admire that the work he has had done on his body is especially amazing but not much more than that.

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