G to the IIIII, slyyyyyy, look into my eyee

....Who used to watch Channel U when it used to be called Channel U.... Yeah..me...neither.

But imagine if you did, the experience would have been amazing/hilarious. From the bootleg videos to the shit story lines. It's where my burning dislike for NDubz first blossomed. I mean. Would have blossomed.

Youtube is harboring a lot of videos on that site of theirs, uploaded by people who post comments like "This is when grime was GRIME." "Fuck Chipmunk". I was planning on posting a few videos from Le past for old times sake but I realised there are too many gems! So I'll be doing it in 2 segments or 3, or 4 ....O____O. It's the nostalgia probably but I look back on these videos so fondly. Even though now I properly listen to the lyrics the majority get intense sideye.

Obviously I have to begin with a song from south. As much as I used to watch Channel U with a superior attitude (even if I liked the song) this song I can't deny, I was ever. so. slightly. a tiny. little bit. proud of! Forgive meh! I was 16!

The first time I saw the above video... two things stood out for me 2:04 the girl jigging up in her church dress and THEN the girl at 2:12 in the crop top. Lmao good times.

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