Love in your mums place

A part of me thinks yay Calvin Harris, yay LOVE. I can get down to this. But then the video gets my balls all in a bunch. It looks like series one of skins squinched into 4 mins. I didn't like skins because I didn't believe them. Likewise I don't believe Rihanna in this video or song. It's so artificial it also grates me that I know a lot of people are watching the video and going "Yay I want this love this is so REAL and HARDCORE" or "THIS IS HOW I FEEL ABOUT MY RELATIONSHIP, OmGsH I'M SO IN LOVE"

I hate. Stuff. Like. That. The Daria in me cannot allow it.

It is so typical of this current fast food generation, don't even get me started on the talking intro. You're not deep bish.

If you truely wanna get sexy and lovey dovey avec moi you're going to have to have shit like this in your arsenal:

(But wait, Rihanna is rude. She knows the boy looks like her ex)

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