Nails done, hair done everything deeeed.

But minus the nails. I got my roots re-dyed on wednesday as the black was starting to show. I also had to basically cut a kagillion inches off of my hurr. Exageration, but basically I have been colouring my hair for years now, this combined with being lazy with doing treatments and also not letting my aunt cut my split ends for nearly a year, means that this Wednesday when I went to get my hair done I basically had a halo of split ends around my head. I realised I had to go for the chop. My hair is natural and used to be like a mane which made me feel like a Lion... well not no mores! lol sarry. abowt. THART. Oh well. "Haaaair grows" (throw back Sabrina le Teenage Witch style) so things like this don't really get to me. You live and you learn. And you get a good condtitioner.

In le past

In le present

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