I promise

That this blog isn't turning into just about music I like and my clothes and general shit that only interests me. I save that for my xanga. Jors kiddin. I save it for my tumblr. Slang your cliches at me, I don't curr. But I have been so lazy, thats a lie. I've been doing STUFF! And so at the end of the day, to sit down and right, can I even spell write? I haven't wanted to do it. But i've been thinking and I have some stuff to write about. Like Homeless people, and time dimensions and chinos.

I'm just trying to wet your... taste buds with my updates of music I like because I like your eyeballs. And I want to keep 'em here but I know I don't deserve it really. If this blog was a strip show all you would be seeing so far is my leg in a high heel peeking from a curtain. And it's even still got the stocking on. And the stocking isn't connected properly to le suspendah belt so it's sagging at the knee. But trust me it's going to get sexy. I'm putting on my lipstick. However for now...


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