Loose lips sink ships (It's a trip)

Hello heathens.

I'm exciteed, but I made the decision this month to not flap my gums about things until they are more so set in stone. So many times i've been bursting at the seams with some good news only for tumbleweed to prevail later. I know that's life, but i'm trying a new tactic this time. But. You know hopefully it goes through!

I leave you with this bossy ass chuneage. I was introduced to WildCookie by my aunt and cousin a few weeks ago. It's a soulful, smooth album. And it is all about hard drugs. Apart from this song. Unless it's just a really deep metaphor about being high that I don't understand.

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  1. Thank's for posting!!!!!!

    Freddie 1/2 Wildcookie

  2. Wow, no problem. Love this song!


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