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A little bit of a serious one here. Recently the interwebz was all a-buzz with news about the two proposed bills: SOPA and PIPA. It was like a David and Goliath story and in the end we all felt like david. Take THAT government.

Unfortunately a bill even more horrendous, in terms of our human rights and luxuriousness of the internet, has been electric sliding right underneath our noses. One that is due to be signed next week. It doesn't have the hype of wikipedia and tumblr behind it but it's not any less important, in fact it's a lot scarier and it really needs to be stopped. Here is a video that explains the situation very well:

We can't let shit like this go through, they shouldn't have the right to be able to monitor everything we do. It all comes down to money and control and possibly even more sinister crap that we won't go into today Please don't let it slide.

Here are a few petitions that you can sign:

Also post the petitions to your Facebook's and tweet about it A LOT it needs to trend.

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