Yesterday my boyfriend called me up

and told me that he has a new book coming out, one of those fancy pants books that are made for coffee tables. I don't know many people who treat their front room like a Doctors waiting room with a kagillion magazines and books piled high but I'm sure it's another sign that you've got it made when you can invite friends over and they can choose whether to talk to you or eyeball a Vogue.

So back to my boyfriend, the book in question is titled 'Pharrell: Places and Spaces I've been', created to document Pharrells' man about life travels and creative pursuits - his pals Jay-Z and Nigo drop a few quotes as do a few other famous folk and it promises to be a bit of a visual orgasm.

I know it will be a visual orgasm because I've already read it because he let me proof read it, because we live together and sometimes exchange carbon dioxide. I know him.

It looks like it will be one of those hard back books that need to be sniffed and rubbed against your cheek so I'm all for it.

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