Autumn (New music)

I wish Autumn would have a word with it's pal Summer, I don't understand why every other season gets it right while Summer act's like everyones embarrassing drunk cousin, stumbling in late and being brazenly unreliable. Get. your. shit. together.... Regardless, after Summers shameful appearance we now have Autumn.

I wish I could tell you I was one of those people who just love Autumn, the kind of person who gets into a tizzy about hot chocolate and big snuggly jumpers. Look, be honest. We're all fucking cold, the best thing about Autumn is stepping on a crunchy leaf and that's it.

Ok maybe I am being a bit grouchy, I like the part in Autumn where - Nope.


Here are two songs that I have had on repeat all day, I think they are really Autumny, they are Autumny because I've been listening to them in Autumn. Without hot chocolate or my duvet. They could have been released in spring and then they would be springy. I lioka dem alort so I think you should listen!

Exhibit A: Solange - Losing you.
Her new single, released from le upcoming album. It was filmed in South Africa and the stylist really went to town with everyone in the video. It oozes a unique coolness, very Janet Jackson - got till it's gone...basically it features a guy resting his leg on his walking stick like a boss. How did he do it, it's not even practical but it looks amazing in slow motion.

Exhibit B: New Navy - Oceans.
I have younger twin sisters aged 13 and they're really into the kind of indie music that you would hear in an American sitcom and every now and again they play something I kind of like. A few months ago it was a song called 'Lofticries by a band called Purity Ring .(the video uses clips from a 70's swedish exploitation movie called 'A cruel Picture' about a girl who is made mute after a traumatic sexual assault as a child - and then seeks revenge. It's quite dark and  Quentin Tarantino took a lot of inspiration for kill bill from it. Luckily my sisters only thought it 'weird' and didn't seem to get what it was about. Luckily)

and this month it's New Navy, a band from OZZTRAYLIAH. Has a very mellow vibe, typical hipster music. It's the kind of song to get obsessed over for a while and then forget about.

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