Hola chica bonitas! Last week when the sun started to tease and tantalize us with it's rays, I wore this crop lace top over my mint green shirt. I really liked how it looked so I took a picture.

So right now I am Fashion cupboard assistant at Easy Living Mag, I haven't done fashion for a while but i'm really enjoying myself and being surrounded by so many sexy products is helping to rekindle my love for shopping. The team is really lovely and it's such a laid back atmosphere... well, not laid back when we're up to our hairlines in returns, however i'll be bummed when I have to leave! To explain the supercalifraglistic glasses and necklace: Sometimes some really cool products come in and a mini fashion show takes place, I won't say the brands in case I somehow get in trouble but to give a hint I was channeling kanyeeezy

Also i've been asked to be the Online and Social Media editor of another mag i've been working with! Unfortunately there isn't a budget but i'm pretty happy to be recognized and asked! Overall I've been having such a great time since the year started and i'm feeling pretty grateful!!

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