31 Day Blog Challenge - Day 1

Day 1: Introduction and photo

My name's Jade and I'm Johnny Depp's secret girlfriend. We have 10 kids together, I live in a luxury villa in Santorini and Johnny visits whenever he can, to make more babies. The plan is to build a clan and weaoponize them with the intent of taking over Greece and then the world. Like Beyonce - with less leotards but with all the Sasha Fierce.

Us hanging out like normal
Anyway i'm going to stop lying, even though it's really tempting to continue - I'd love to tell you more about my live in boyfriends ... Pharrell and Mr Gandy.

Okay, my name actually is Jade i'm a twenty-something gal who lives in London. Next year I'll be moving to Amsterdam so my current life consists of saving and saving and more saving. I have three sisters and one brother - i'm the oldest and best sibling (obviously). I love music, I can play the piano and I am learning how to play the drums (currently on a break - long story). I also love silence and alone time so I can let my brain breath. I'm a psychology graduate but I currently don't actually do anything that relates to that degree, except for when I lurk on message boards for people with personality disorders (which I hope isn't offensive - I enjoy reading about the disorder from their own point of view).

I am in a relationship with a great human being, it'll be four years in November since we started being all lovey-dovey with each other.

I have a cat named Caesar who is always catting around like a typical cat.

I consider myself a feminist, which isn't something that's always very popular to claim because of untrue connotations but take from that what you will.

I think that should suffice as an introduction.



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