Must.. not.... itch... face.

So after a good few weeks my skin has flared up in a rash, it's a rash I have come to know quite well over the past year. Allow me to explain, last year around this time my face went from normal to what is known as 'problem skin' it happened gradually and as I didn't take the necessary precautions I should have, it got worser and worser and WORSER (and worser) until I felt like the only way I could leave my house was with make up on (which obviously and ironically is apart of the problem)

In the past I had never had issues with my skin, even during teenage years I may have got the odd spot or whatever but nothing to complain about and during uni years my skin was just perfect, literally the day after I turned 22 my skin decided that it wanted to be the boss of it's own destiny. So since then i've tried a lot of different products ranging from the cheap stuff you get in 'Boots' to the brands that like to get fancy and make you feel like they'll change your life.

Nothing seemed to be working until recently, as in a few months ago I remembered two separate conversations i'd had with two friends who have glowing smooth skin. I asked them what they used and one replied "Nothing, just water. Sometimes that brand called Simple" ... O_O

The other friend basically said the same thing "Nothing just water or soap"

Thats when your brain wants to call them wenches but I decided that-

Sorry to change the subject abruptly but I just went outside because the ICE CREAM VAN STOPPED OUTSIDE THE HOUSE. RIGHT OUTSIDE, THIS HARDLY EVER HAPPENS! So I got my money and ran out then I looked in the car window at my reflection and did sad face because this rash is attrocious. Then I turned around just as my sister ran out and she looked dead in my face and said "ergh". SO.

Anyway I decided I would calm down what I was doing and only use water and soap, I KNOW SOAP, the devil of all cleaning products cause it dries out your skin! But this shit is working for me. Also my friend has started making body butters and gave me a pot (i'm an honarary guinea pig) and it's very rich so any normal person wouldn't put much on their face but as i'm using soap every now and again I use a liiiitle bit extra than necessary on my face and I think it's balancing out the lack of moisture you'd otherwise have.

I've also started drinking this Dr Stuarts skin purify tea. And basically a week after that my mum commented on how different my skin looked. I'm not saying but i'm just saying.

The dream team
Oh the tub of sodium whats it called and Glycolic acid is something I haven't used yet. It takes a lot of work to use it properly and quite frankly i'm too lazy at the mo, but it helps to heal blemishes.

Back to the matter at hand *Dr dre voice* so this rash. It started yesterday and came up in full force this morning and what had I done a few days before? Used a bloody Dermalogica cleanser. I started using this brand during the truely crap days of my skin and this is basically the rash that would come up, I don't know why I decided to get cocky and put it on just when my skin was feeling funky fresh but there you are. The wisdom of Jade. Moral of the story is nothing is promised!!

"but it's just your skin Jade"

This will take about a week to go down 0_0 and so I just wanted to tell you all and Dermalogica to suck it.

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