Hello Snitches and Witches

Guess who passed their driving test...

Me! Happy is not the word! I promise not to gloat or to drive past you non driving humans with the wind in my hair. I will not do this. And if I do, what will you do about it? Nothing because I will be speeding past you, leaving dust in my wake and and angry open mouthed you. joooorrrrrsssssKIDDIN. Ok it's out of my system.

Aw I am happy it's over though, after my compulsory education and then UNI this was the only thing in my head that seemed to be the LAAAST TEST. But now i'm free!


This is such an old post but i'll put it up anyway! This is all the way from early may but has been sat in my drafts since then. But yes I am a proper driver now, I haven't knocked down anyone on my travels, fingers crossed I can continue to live my life with that talent under my belt.

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