James muhsuckin Brown

Imagine you made this song.

When I was in the middle of my Psychology degree we learnt about a theory by a psychologist called Abraham Maslow. It was called 'Maslow's hierarchy of needs'. To cut a long story short, it's best displayed as a pyramid that begins at the bottom with our basic needs. As we work our way up the pyramid we acquire more and more ... shit. Once you get to the top it means you have met all of the needs necessary to attain something called self actualisation which basically means you're SUPAHBAD. However I think I could skip all that, as long as I one day can create a song on SOTCH LEVELS. I'll leave you an image of the pyramid (everyday illuminati getting involved):

Also if you can listen to the song without doing the stank lip you are a stronger man than I. You should research the theory, a lot of people nowadays are into le secret and positive thinking and about being amazing and being Beyonce (but who's going to sweep the streets?). It's a really interesting theory that a lot of people will like, considering the current climate.

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