Die Antwoord dress up in black face and kill Lady Gaga

...Yeah i'm not surprised Vice are involved. Song is pretty mediocre...will not even get into the Blackface... (South Africa is practically 'side eye central' anyway so i'm not surprised).

The whole thing stems from the fact that Lady Gaga is about to or is doing a world tour and she asked Die Antwoord to open for her which made Die Antwoord clutch their pearls in disgust and be all: "FUCK YOU MAINSTREAM WHORE!!1!BFHSGFJKSHU2" and now they have made a music video about it too.

The Lady Gaga parody is pretty funny, "Hey those guys dress freaky, I should get them to open up for me" because i'm pretty sure that is exactly what she said.

I feel sorry for Lady Gaga, she really thinks she's this edgy pop queen but she's like Regina George's mum in mean girls. Forever putting on meat dresses and taking pictures with Terry Richardson trying to make it happen, it's not going to happen.

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