(This is a really old post like probably from January that I had in my drafts. I posted it thinking it would slot itself in later on in my posts but now I realise that was a stupid idea. ANYWAY hurr it is)

There are not a lot of subjects that people will boldly claim to be experts in without gaining any kind of qualification to back it up.

Music is one of those subjects. We will get into 'red blood vessels in your eyes' type arguments about our favorite genres and artists and albums forgetting that we don't all have the same eardrums or experience le same things that helps to define the type of things we are interested in. Music can really bring people together or make you want to spit on someone, like when you find out they are a fan of Dappy. Keep that in mind as you read this post because I am aware that regarding music, as with a lot of creative outlets, it's mostly down to what you feel and your own opinion and not necessarily what is.

For me this is what is: Popular music nowadays is shit.

I know I sound like one of those 'back in my day' senile grandad's and of course even the children from this generation will actually have the nerve to look back on Katy Perry's lyric about plastic bags with nostalgia eye & they're likely to decide that their shit was le good shit. WELL YOU'RE WRONG. And i'm annoyed.

I was listening to 'Eye of the tiger' by Survivor the other day and I just had to stop what I was doing for a second. On a: ლ(ಠ益ಠლ) F**K YEAH! kind of level. The lyrics, the guitar ... there's too much everything in one smelly 4 minutes and I was just thinking imagine being around when such epicness was released like actually being able to hear it for the first time on a radio and not through an advert for weetabix or something.

What do we have now?

Mainstream alternative - Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Kesha, Katy Perry etc. If you take off their latex they are some any puppet barbie but because they're doing fashion in their music videos for some reason we take them seriously. This is basically what most current women are aiming for. The male version of this is Bruno mars and his sideways hat.

'My voice sounds really soulful, i'm making real music' category - ADELE, Jessie J, and the like. With these people they don't annoy me so much because to me, if you tell me you're a singer and then you can actually sing then you are not a liar. I don't like liars so that's a point right there. However they are so boring. That's just the end of it, as much as they reach for the bass in their voices and hold really long notes there is no soul there. I listen to their music and I don't believe them. The male version of this would be someone like Edsheeran.
(Fun fact: I saw him perform once at the Sunday Show before he became faymoss. He was performing in front of a crowd that thought the funniest thing about a certain comedian that evening, was that he was Somalian. So yeah, they generally use about 3 brain cells per day. He actually won everyone over performing that song 'you need me' and he used that fancy contraption of his to record the song as he went along. ALRIGHT JADE LIFE STORY)

So if you want to get into the charts nowadays you have to either rape the dance genre or make use of a lot of acoustic guitars.

I can't remember who said it but it was one of the old 80's goddess and they basically said that music has no soul at the moment. I agree. Take Amy Winehouse, as much as sometimes I used to wonder why she sung like that, every song that I have ever listened to of hers is believeable. Music to me has become like fast food, it satisfy's for a millie second but as far as nutrtiousness goes, it basically doesn't exist.

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