Yesterday I watched Skyfall with my sister, after seeing rave reviews I was really excited to watch this one which is not normal for me with James Bond films. I always like watching them but I never have the burning urge to see it in the cinema like I did with this one.

It was really good.

I'm going to do this post with a 'Jump break' because I want to lay the film bare and caress it's nipples meaning I'm going to post spoilers and I don't want to ruin it for you guys who haven't watched it yet.

So read more after le jump!

...hello friends, how nice of you to join me as we strip skyfall to it's boxers. It was a good film, I didn't leave thinking it was shit (Like I did with Looper), I couldn't easily predict the storyline (like I could with Looper) and it wasn't Looper so it got off to a really good start from the beginning. I really enjoyed that MI6 were not fighting this random Russian bad guy or whatever, but were fighting their own kind. Their very own pet monster and how the 'M' in 'M's name began to stand for 'mummy', something she did not want (I love you Judi Dench, what a queen).

The story line moved quickly and was funny. But at points it was pretty samey, for me this particularly revolved around the women who were featured in the film. Aside from 'M' the woman were more so treated like play things by the men in the film, as all the women generally are in these movies. They have definitely come a long way in their treatment of the people with vagina's but they have definitely got a ways to go.

One scene that upset me was when they were at a Casino in Macau. He got talking to the  lusciousness that is Berenice Marlohe (see above, initially she annoyed me but the more she was on screen her un-hinged-ness was really interesting). He casually starts some bootleg psychoanalysis session while they are at the bar, brings up that she used to work in a 'sex house' when she was 'Maybe 12, 13' HE SAID NONCHALANTLY. Then goes on to talk about the baddie who she 'saw as her way out, thought you were in love, now you know better'.

It was one of those scenes where it was fast talking and straight faced with a slight smirk that happens a lot in this film. I was annoyed at the way this part of her childhood was brought up so easily and just glossed over. In reality he was talking to a woman who was basically raped repeatedly from the age of 12. Oh. No biggie though right? James wants to get to know the head guy in charge who happens to be her boyfriend (the person who offered her a 'way out'). So the long and short of it is, she says if he can get out of the casino alive then meet her on her yacht and they will sail to him.

Ok whatevs. So she is waiting for James to show up and he is taking his good sweet time. She gets in the shower and then what do you know, Mr Bond shows up naked and gets in the shower with her to have a bit of sexy time. It rubbed me up the wrong way, that this is a lady with a fairly traumatic early start and he just thinks he can wave his penis around at anyone regardless, get into showers with ladies while their eyes are closed. No problem. Like, fuck off.

Then she takes him to the boss, she is treated like a traitor and gets put in handcuffs and beaten up. She is then kept alive for a little while as part of a little game and then shot like a prick.

That pissed me off.

Another thing that annoyed me was 'M' DYING. what the fuck. You can't do this to me? Judi? Pls? You have so much more to give, why did you let them kill you? I loved how it used to be one kick ass old woman  calling the shots and putting Bond in his place with one stink eye and no smiles. I hate that it's just some random guy in charge now. Go away.

Aside from that, it wasn't half bad. I loved when  Silva (Javier Bardem) had Misser Bond tied to a chair, there was some epic sexual tension and it was nice to have that kind of attention directed at someone without a Labia for a brief moment. I also just really liked Bardem as the baddie, he took that role and played it so well that you half wouldn't have minded if he succeeded in his.... really really psycho plan.... He was so troubled. I love when baddies have a screw loose.

I haven't really mentioned Naomie Harris that much as this was a rant about what annoyed me and she didn't. I liked her in this film a lot and while I was looking for pictures of her I realised that she played a voo doo laydeh in Pirates of the Caribbean, I think it was the second film. Either way she was one of my fav characters in that and now in this so i'll have to make sure I look out for her in le future!

So, good film, really male gazey but I expected it.

When we were at the cinema everyone was getting their tightie whities in a twist for twilight, it was PACKED and practically every twilight showing for the following few hours were sold out. I felt so happy to not be involved in that, having said that I would love for a trilogy or something to come out soon to whip me into a frenzy.

I miss Harry Potter guise.

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