Happy Valentines Day

Technically Valentines Day was yesterday but who cares! I hope you had a nice day regardless of your relationship status or the Valentines Day status!

I'm not really a picture taking person (I used to be!) so I don't have much from yesterday. The picture above is of a hazelnut latte I got at a coffee shop outside of Chancery Lane station, I ended up running early so I thought I would get a coffee while I waited. It was yummy BUT I was more so excited by the fact that I had chocolate numbers on my coffee. I was quickly informed that it was "just a stencil", but for a second I thought that maybe my coffee had been made by a wizard, and it was a magical few seconds.

My 'valentine' and I have been together for coming up to five years now and honestly I'm not one for these days which get hyped up to ridiculous levels so Clintons Cards can sell a few more cards than usual. So, I initially said lets not bother doing anything - we changed our minds closer to the date (for other reasons) and low and behold it was impossible to get dinner reservations before 10pm.

Instead of stressing, we just said we would go with the flow and my V-day ended up consisting of ping pong, cute walk through the deserted financial district of London (which just shuts down on the weekend), motherfucking BURGERS, drinks, movies, more drinks and lots of lurrvin. All in all a really nice day!
How did you spend yours?

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