Beach day, beach day, gotta get down on beach day

Yup my butthead and I finally ventured to one of the many beaches that exist in the Netherlands! When I was first told of the beaches "just outside of Amsterdam" I smiled politely but thought '...It's probably just Dutch Margate'.

Don't get me wrong, many a fun time is to be had in Margate or Brighton or Hastings and all of the other seaside towns. But if you're going to reach into your vocabulary for the word 'beach', you're bringing forth images of St Lucia, Malaysia, Hawaii etc. ...and you're telling me this exists in the Netherlands?

Yes I did think they were exaggerating. However once we arrived in zandvoort aan zee; the sun was blazing in the bluest sky ever, on my first Friday off in nearly a month and there was sandy beach as far as the eye can see (which is far-ish).

It was gorgeous! I wasn't in Dutch Margate, I was in Bali.

To tone down the exaggerations a little ... it kind of WAS Dutch Margate. There was still fish and chips and buckets and spades - but it was alongside a chic-ish looking beach side restaurant and stylishly dressed beach compadres (beautifully illustrated by the men sat behind me). People on their paddle boards in the sea and actual boats, youguise, I just never expected to find this here. 

Also apparently Bloemendaal beach, which is only 10 mins away (by tram) is even better. It's a shame that we made this beachy discovery in what ended up being the final weekend of summer. Never mind ay, here are more pictures:

Writing a 'J' and 'A' in the sand
Getting eaten by Dr Zoidberg and then pretending to be Dr Zoidberg
Farewell photo at the end of the day. We'll be back next year!
P.S. If the title doesn't make any sense to you please allow me to cleanse your ear drums

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