Best laid plans

My new years started with the best of intentions. I was going to start eating healthily, only use natural beauty products, never fall asleep in my make-up, salute the sun every morning in the most awesome yoga poses, get well acquainted with my gym, cure world hunger, align my chakras, get 8 hours of sleep every day and constantly stay hydrated(TM).


I also promised myself that I would update my blog at least once a month. Whether it was a photo or just a rambling blog post - and yet it is April and my last blog post was January. Above are a few pictures from the last few months when I've been M.I.A. 

I have slacked so much, and with May around the corner it's basically Christmas already. I'm not beating myself up because I know we're all only human with only 24hrs a day, but so is Beyonce and so does Beyonce – so I think I step it up at least A LITTLE BIT more. Wish me luck.

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