Fashion Week In The Dam

New York, London, Milan, Paris ... Amsterdam?

While the major fashion cities are currently gearing up for one of the biggest events to grace any fashionistas Liberty printed diary - two weeks ago Amsterdam also slipped on a pair of skyscraper heels, chic winter coat and best nonchalant street style smile for its very own fashion week.

So fetch.

To be fair, Amsterdam is ALWAYS 'Street Style' ready and the stylish Amsterdammers I encounter on a regular basis leave me in no doubt that an Amsterdam fashion week is long over due. Although not very well known, Amsterdam fashion week held it's own among the heavy-weight cities with stunning catwalk shows and an interesting set of off-schedule events.

I attended one of the off-schedule events which was held on an ice skating rink, a recipe for disaster right? So what happened? Obviously the models fell flat on their faces numerous times and one woman on skates glided elegantly up the 'runway' - only to end up accidentally sliding into a split, slicing the foot of another model who was sharing the runway with her. BLOOD EVERYWHERE.


The dramatics didn't quite go down like that, but yes there was drama! The show started with two statuesque models being carefully brought out onto the make-shift ice runway and after being made to stand on two separate platforms the show could begin.

Bright multicoloured lights began illuminating the icy floor, while the grand looking Rijks Museum was lit up in the background - creating a gorgeous back drop for the show and also dashing any previous doubts about the location. Professional skaters dressed in the designers clothing skated beautifully around the models, showcasing the collection in a more interesting way.

The show finished with the ice skaters taking a bow together and then leading the scantily clad (and clearly part Abominable Snowman) models back off of the ice. On one of the coldest January nights I've experienced in the city, those models proved to the real MVP's of the night.

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