2017 goals and what 2016 'taught' me

Photo credit: Jazmin Quaynor


Where to begin. For me it actually begins in 2012 when I was first shown this trailer for a Ghanian movie entitled '2016 Ghana Movie':

Cinematic masterpieces aside - through this trailer, myself and my friends were convinced 2016 would be a lot. Since that day "t-t-t-t-t-twenty SISSSSTEEEN" was a casual (and unnecessary) catchphrase in day to day conversations, so due to no behaviour shenanigans my 'anticipation' for this year had been four years in the making.

I don't really want to add to the whole '2016 as a meme' thing, but it has been more than a lot. However considering I started writing this in early January and I'm finishing it at the end of February, it's definitely a long time coming and honestly I'm feeling a lot less wistful or should I say EXTRA with my declarations of life changing situations that happened last year.

Lets just say it was a year of 'realising stuff'.

It's left me feeling pumped for this year and feeling ready for whatever, so all I have to say is brang it 2017!

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