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Wellar, hai. Ok so I have seriously neglected this blog, I think it's because in my head I had plans to turn it into somewhere where I post essays and so i'm putting it off because it seems like ReAlLy HaRd WeRk. It's not really but I have a blog on tumblr and tumblr as a blog is the equivalent of twitter. As in you don't really write much and when you do you basically sum it up in one paragraph. One sentence is preferably better (and written in the title part so its bold and looks good). Anyway to ease myself back into writing, PROPERLY. As in atleast TWO paragraphs, i'm going to start using this as a diary, everyday writing something about my day and hopefully in doing that i'll actually start writing about things that don't affect moi at all, or more opinion type posts like this opiniontypeposthurr . Le sigh. So what did I do today. I went to work, was doing stuff for the website, like writing descriptions for the stock and looking up twitter things for the new twitter page. It was very quiet, not many shoppers it's really frustrating how the foot fall is ... falling. Considering we're like slap bang in the middle of two of londons major shopping areas. Hopefully it'll improve a bit more during le summer. My guy is in france, hopefully not getting up to too much trouble and I miss him (yeah I know you just did the throw up sound, even my own brain did the throw up sound) but yeah h'is true so ... C'EST LA VIE AND SUCK MAH BAWLS. My cousin just scwwang bah at 12am in the night/morn and she has a new car. She got it today O_O she went to the dealers with her dad with the intention of just looking around and ended up trading in the car she drove there in to get a brand new one .... can I past my test please? *one lone person coughs in the background* Le car is nice, I have a car. It's a bit of a banger but I really like it so I just need to past this blasted test then I can put my middle finger up at the dvla and get on the road. I'm currently re-reading this:

Sotch an epic book. I got it in my teenage years so it's a good few years old and HAGGARD. Some of the pages are falling out, infact they have fallen out but they've just been shoved back in and are being held there with hope and air. If you have never read the book please read it, I wish it was a play or a movie so a wider audience could experience it. I really really recommend it. Recently i've read two Nick Hornby books, i've never read his books before and he's good, got to admit. He still doesn't match up with my magnificent four though: Ben Elton, Zadie Smith, Douglas Coupland, Jonathan kellerman (yes I am a loser). However back in the day my go to people for good books were: Jacqueline Wilson, Malorie Blackman, Benjamin Zephaniah and a little later on Cecily Von Ziegesar aka the writer of the gossip girl books. Guaranteed if you ever read the series you would hate the show no lie.

Well i've sufficiently babbled and my eyebags want to be growing eyebags so bai.

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