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Because yesterday I promised that I would write a diary entry every day. I am too fass. Sotch proclamations. Argh. SO today I went to work, was working avec one of le girls, was nice. Day went pretty well then I came home, my sis was over from uni and so was my cousin. ... I walked into my room and they were both sitting comfy in there, my cuz even had the audacity to be wearing my black lipstick that I got at the black hair shop for £1.95 NOH RESPECk. Well i'm sleepy, i'm on my sisters laptop, she's left it in my room. Woo hoo wireless baby. I just read a blog post of some 19 year old girl complaining about being 20 and i'm officially hating. Fuck her. Do you know i'm going to be 23 this year? It's true fuck me too because 23 is not old, but still. When I was younger I was feeling like a superstar and now my spotlight seems to be fading. Ok thats dry. I showed my cousin a few vids from OFWGKTA at first she was O_o then she was ^_^ they really do have that affect don't they. I want to change my hair, however I saw a picture of some girl with my little pony hair and she officially killed my desire to own it. I'm going to go to sleep before this post turns emo and self centerdy. Also i'm going to go to bed before I txt my idiot, cause I want to be the cool gf who's bf goes on holiday and she don't even give a fock cause she's got a life outside of him. YOR LIOFE H'IZ A FA-SARD. Anywho i'm so fucking cool, I gats this shit. Old picture that I found on my sisters laptop, it's of the elephant (and his self made grass hat) that used to live round le corner from my fam when they were in Brunei. As much as I missed them when they were over there (I couldn't go live out there cause it was crucial tymz of uNi), now I miss them not being over there. Lawd please remind me of this when I start to complain about everyday shit, cause that is basically an explanation for most things I think are worthy of my complaining.

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